The Race is On – The Road to the NC Primary

Updating the calendars on the website and facebook page, I was wondering how exactly North Carolina was going to fare against the other states in the upcoming primary season. I know they have changed the rules and have said it changes NC’s relevancy but I didnt believe the impact until I put numbers on paper.

Starting on March 15th, the date of NC primary, delegate disbursement switches back to winner take all.  NC’s 72 delegates could potentially solidify this years GOP Presidential nominee.

A candidate needs 1,144 delegates to win. Listed are the states broken down by dates. The number after the state is delegate count for that state. The numbers in parenthesis is the total daily count of delegates handed out that day followed by the total cumulative delegate distribution at that point in time.

Going into March 15th, 1,098 delegates will have been distributed. Most done on a proportional basis so there may not be a clear cut winner. That is only 46 delegates shy of the required amount to win the nomination so you can see how valuable NC’s 72 delegates actually will be to this election cycle.

Feb 1
Iowa 30                
Total          (30/30)

Feb 9
New Hampshire 23
Total          (23/53)

Feb 20
South Carolina 50  
Total          (50/103)

Feb 23
Nevada 30             
Total          (30/133)

Mar 1
Alabama 54
Alaska 28
Arkansas 40
Colorado 32
Georgia 76
Mass 42
Minnesota 38
Oklahoma 43
Tennessee 58
Texas 155
Vermont 16
Virginia 49               
Total          (631/764)

Mar 5
Kansas 40
Kentucky 46
Louisiana 46
Maine 23                 
Total          (155/919)

Mar 6
Puerto Rico 23       
Total          (23/942)

Mar 8
Hawaii 19
Idaho 19
Michigan 59
Mississippi 40             
Total          (137/1,079)

Mar 12
Washington DC 19   
Total          (19/1,098)

WINNER TAKE ALL VOTING BEGINS – 1,144 Delegates needed to win nomination.
Mar 15
Florida 99
Illinois 69
Missouri 52
Ohio 66
North Marianas Islands 9
Total          (367/1,465)