2016 Early Voting Information

November 8, 2016 General Election Early Voting Schedule

October 20 – November 4, 8:00 am – 6:00 pm

Board of Elections Office, 308 W. Duncan St. Lillington

October 22 and 29, 8:00 am-6:00 pm
November 5, 8:00 am – 1:00 pm

Board of Elections Office, 308 W. Duncan St. Lillington
Western Harnett High School, 10637 NC 27 W. Lillington
Erwin Community Building, 110 W. F. St. Erwin
Angier Elementary School, 130 E. McIver St. Angier
Anderson Creek Primary, 914 Anderson Creek School Rd. Bunnlevel

2016 Election Dates

General Election Calendar

September 6- 4:00 pm, Regular Board Meeting
September 9- Absentee voting by mail begins

October 14- Voter Registration Deadline
October 18- 5:00 pm, Absentee Meeting
October 25- 5:00 pm, Absentee Meeting
October 20- 8:00 am, One-Stop Voting begins

November 1- 5:00 pm, Absentee Meeting
November 5- 1:00 pm, One-Stop Voting ends
November 7- 5:00 pm, Absentee Meeting
November 8- 6:30 am- 7:30 pm, Election Day 5:00 pm, Absentee Meeting


February 2016 Monthly Meeting

Dear Fellow Republicans,

Our monthly meeting will be held at Nona’s Italian Restaurant in Lillington on Thursday February 25th. Dinner will start at 6:30 and the meeting will begin at 7:00. Again I encourage all to patronize the business for allowing us to conduct or meeting there.

We have several items to discuss from upcoming County Convention to the
Primary Election.

I look forward to seeing everyone next week.

Angus Strickland
HC GOP Chairman

#HCGOP hashtag is Officially Registered with Twubs

Twubs.com is one of the official hashtag repositories.

While no hashtag can never be officially claimed, registering it via one of the register houses allows people to find out what the hashtag means.

If you were to do a search for #HCGOP, you might find Horry County GOP in SC. Now if someone looks us up they will find us as the “Official” registeree for #HCGOP.

Use #HCGOP in all your communications.

January GOP Monthly Meeting had a Great Turnout!!!

Lots of information was given out, as well as, having an opportunity to meet some of the candidates running for office. The highlight of the evening was guest speaker, Congressional Candidate, Frank Roche.

Angus started the meeting with preliminaries of party business. He then introduced the guest speaker to the meeting. Frank gave a moving speech on what he would bring to Harnett County in the way of his leadership and experience. You can see his whole speech with these links:

Frank Covers the Globe          Frank, what are the top issues?

After Frank spoke, Judge Paul Holcombe said a few words. He told of his career as a District Attorney and how he has served us on the bench. He mentioned he has also chaired the Lee and Johnston County Conventions in the past. I joked that he should not feel bad he hasn’t chaired the Harnett Convention yet. Lee and Johnston counties don’t have Jason Lemmons.

Judge Hoclombe’s Facebook Page

2nd District Chair Joyce Cotton gave us the low down on upcoming District, State and even National GOP events. Please follow along with the Harnett Republican Facebook page and website as well as the NCGOP2.com website and NCGOP2 Facebook page for information about upcoming events.

We met W. Lin Coker who is running for school board for District 4 in Harnett County.

Vice Chair and District 3 School Board Representative, Howard Penny, spoke a few moments. He was asked about the funds that were recently in the news that may benefit folks in Harnett County.

Chandra Reed and Lynn Dahnke spoke about Sen. Rabin and his upcoming fundraisers.

Brenda updated us on David Lewis’s campaign. The address to his new office is
1168 N Main St in Lillington. The grand opening of the office is Wed Feb 3,2016 at 10 am. Free breakfast!!!

Erica Gallion spoke of the Youth Legislature Program that is coming up in April. She also dropped some dirt on us about her role as County Soil and Water Conservation Representative.

Message from the Chairman

Fellow Republicans,

I hope everybody is doing well and ready to get back to work on the party’s business. Our monthly meeting will be held Thursday, January 28th at Nonna’s Italian restaurant 11w Front Street, Lillington. (Dinner at 6:30 meeting will begin at 7:00) I want to encourage everyone to patronize the restaurant since they have been so nice to reserve a large portion of their dining area for us. We have much to discuss from upcoming primaries to the 2016 HC GOP convention. US Congressional candidate Frank Roche is scheduled to speak and short Q&A session will follow. I look forward to seeing everyone next week.

County Convention is Tuesday March 8th at the Sports Zone in Lillington at 6:30Pm

Angus Strickland
Chairman, HC GOP


Important Voting Dates in HC

If you are interested in becoming active in Precinct, Harnett County, District #2, NC State or National level Republican party business now is the time to step up.

We do grass roots level activities from making phone calls and knocking on doors to nominating who will got to Cleveland to nominate the GOP candidate to be President.

Primary voting is just around the corner.

Personal politics aside I will be more annoyed if you dont go vote….


Here are some upcoming dates for Primary Voting:

January 25- Absentee ballots available
February 19- Voter Registration Deadline
March 3- 8:00 am, One-Stop Voting begins
March 12- 1:00 pm, One-Stop voting ends

*** March 15- 6:30 am- 7:30 pm, Election Day ***

The Race is On – The Road to the NC Primary

Updating the calendars on the website and facebook page, I was wondering how exactly North Carolina was going to fare against the other states in the upcoming primary season. I know they have changed the rules and have said it changes NC’s relevancy but I didnt believe the impact until I put numbers on paper.

Starting on March 15th, the date of NC primary, delegate disbursement switches back to winner take all.  NC’s 72 delegates could potentially solidify this years GOP Presidential nominee.

A candidate needs 1,144 delegates to win. Listed are the states broken down by dates. The number after the state is delegate count for that state. The numbers in parenthesis is the total daily count of delegates handed out that day followed by the total cumulative delegate distribution at that point in time.

Going into March 15th, 1,098 delegates will have been distributed. Most done on a proportional basis so there may not be a clear cut winner. That is only 46 delegates shy of the required amount to win the nomination so you can see how valuable NC’s 72 delegates actually will be to this election cycle.

Feb 1
Iowa 30                
Total          (30/30)

Feb 9
New Hampshire 23
Total          (23/53)

Feb 20
South Carolina 50  
Total          (50/103)

Feb 23
Nevada 30             
Total          (30/133)

Mar 1
Alabama 54
Alaska 28
Arkansas 40
Colorado 32
Georgia 76
Mass 42
Minnesota 38
Oklahoma 43
Tennessee 58
Texas 155
Vermont 16
Virginia 49               
Total          (631/764)

Mar 5
Kansas 40
Kentucky 46
Louisiana 46
Maine 23                 
Total          (155/919)

Mar 6
Puerto Rico 23       
Total          (23/942)

Mar 8
Hawaii 19
Idaho 19
Michigan 59
Mississippi 40             
Total          (137/1,079)

Mar 12
Washington DC 19   
Total          (19/1,098)

WINNER TAKE ALL VOTING BEGINS – 1,144 Delegates needed to win nomination.
Mar 15
Florida 99
Illinois 69
Missouri 52
Ohio 66
North Marianas Islands 9
Total          (367/1,465)